Case Studies


Nutcracker case study


From problem to solution in 48 hrs.

The Issue

Client’s brand presence in local Personal Care market being challenged by strong competitor and PL activity. Local and global teams needing urgent agreement on how to reposition brand and work tactically to regain presence and win back consumer loyalty.

What We Did

48-hr immersive client/consumer workshops:

Day 1 (am) – Shopping with consumers, exploring their homes and bathrooms.
Day 1 (pm) – Building positioning and comms solutions.
Overnight: Crafting solution territories (and translating them) for consumer exploration.

Day 2 (am) – Creative consumer groups building on and evolving solution territories.
Day 2 (pm) – Facilitated workshop with teams working together to build tangible action plans around agreed learning.

What We Delivered

Detailed action plans crafted and agreed by global and local teams – for swift testing and refining locally before implementation.